Corax IP provides all the services you need to protect and defend your technical innovations. A patent is an exclusive right to your technical invention, which is limited in time as well as geographically.


Our domain of expertise

The expertise you will find at Corax IP spans the technological areas of the ICT (information & communications technology) sector, electronics, computer implemented inventions (“software patents”), and mechanical engineering.

Building on these competences, Corax IP is your European partner for protecting innovations in the digital era, where developments in traditional engineering go hand in hand with innovations in software, automation, telecommunications and robotics.

We analyze your inventions, help you define an IP protection strategy, draft and file patent applications, and prosecute them to grant before the respective patent offices. We also defend your patents in opposition/invalidity and litigation proceedings.

We represent you

We represent you and defend your interests directly before the European Patent Office, EPO, the World Intellectual Property Office, WIPO, and the Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office. Corax IP maintains a network of associate representatives and experts throughout the world, helping to protect your Intellectual Property wherever it is needed.

We assist you

Corax IP further assists you for registering your Trade Marks and Designs before the European Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property, BOIP, and around the world.